International Cheerleading Festival “Bright! May! Yours!-2021”
General Informaion: Date: Thursday, 29th April – Monday 5th May, 2021 Place: Russia, city Anapa, village Vityazevo, avenue Yuzhny, 5, SOK “Voleigrad”. Schedule: Thursday, April, 29 Friday, April 30 Saturday, May 1 Arrival, Opening Ceremony of the Fifth Anniversary Festival International Cheerleading Championship between school team. International Cheerleading Championship... Read more
Postpone the Festival to 2021
Participants of the Festival “Bright! May! Yours!” We know you wait very much, when our sports and cultural event will take place. We want to see too and to hug you tight! Organizing committee was watching the situation in Krasnodar region and was negotiating with the government of the... Read more
For the first time in Sochi from the 29th of April to the 3rd of May the fourth International cultural and health festival of Cheerleading «Bright! May! Yours!» took place. The area for the Event was Olympic park Iceberg Palace. The manager of the Festival is public sports organization... Read more
After hard work it is time to have a good rest!
After a difficult competitions, you must find the strength to have a good time. And take these emotions with you at home … keep them until next year. ✨ #BrightMayYours #RSSU #VolunteersRSSU #AnapaVityazevo #Cheerleading #Media_in #SportLife Read more
Let’s return to the very beginning, friends!
Let’s return to the very beginning to understand the whole point. Friends, this is how the All-Russian Cultural and Wellness Festival “Bright! May! Yours! “In Vityazevo settlement of the Krasnodar Territory, where cheerleaders from all over Russia arrived, as well as from Lugansk, Donetsk, China, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan. Such... Read more
The best moments of the final day of the festival “Bright! May! Yours!”
The best moments of the final day of the All-Russian Cultural and Wellness Festival “Bright! May! Yours! ” are available in the video review of our media group. Closing ceremony, summing up and final party are already here. Look, remember, come back! #BrightMayYours #RSSU #VolunteersRSSU #AnapaVityazevo #Cheerleading #Media_in #SportLife Read more
Cheerleading May Party № 7 – 2017
Your team is with you, be braver, champion!
And again the team-building quest was conducted by organizers of the Festival “Bright! May! Yours! “. This time the experienced hands of the organizers got the team “Storms” from Simferopol, Crimean Republic. What is the meaning of this event? At each stop (test) during the route of the quest,... Read more
Master class with the champion — Alexey Dudchenko
Cheerleading is a special sport that combines several types of sports, such as sports acrobatics, gymnastics and dancing. That’s why specially for athletes at the All-Russian Cultural and Wellness Festival “Bright! May! Yours!” arrived Honored Master of Sports, multiple world champion and Europe, as well as the president of... Read more
Video of the performances of the cheer-moms
Meanwhile, we have a video of cheer-moms performances. The hot and sunny ladies showed a real show, which will be remembered for a long time by all the participants … And who knows, maybe next time, cheer-papas will join the competition! A cheerleader family is forever! #BrightMayYours #RSSU #VolunteersRSSU... Read more
Here it is what wrote beautiful girls from the Republic of China
And here is what the beautiful girls from the Republic of China wrote about the All-Russian Cultural and Wellness Festival “Bright! May! Yours! ” to vice-president of the Russian Cheerleading Federation  Andrei Vladimirovich Kravchenko. Literally: «Dear Andrey, we have just arrived in Nanjing,thank you again for giving us this... Read more
Share your impressions!
Dear participants of the All-Russian Cultural and Wellness Festival “Bright! May! Yours! “, be in touch! You have a unique opportunity to share your emotions and impressions about the competitions, about new friends, about the tour and the Festival itself online. More precisely, you can send a letter to... Read more
Master class from Roman Olkhovsky for kids
Roman Mikhailovich Olkhovsky again continues to develop the skills of  proper communication between cheerleaders. Now the focus group includes children who sometimes find it difficult to listen, hear and understand what adults or coeval are talking about. It’s time to fix the shortcomings. #BrightMayYours #RSSU #VolunteersRSSU #AnapaVityazevo #Cheerleading #Media_in... Read more
The best in the morning invigorates a good dance – a master class
The best in the morning invigorates a good dance – a master class, or rather a master class from the multiple champion of the All-Russian and International competitions in ballroom dancing from Tarasova Kristina. The girls learned after the professional dancer  the flexibility, grace and understanding of their own... Read more
Team-building quest
Specially for the Rostov “Grand” (at the request of coach) was conducted a team-building quest. This is a series of tests that rally, help to relax and even better feel their partners, because competitions of this level and with such an intense pace create a certain tension. All this... Read more

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