For the first time in Sochi from the 29th of April to the 3rd of May the fourth International cultural and health festival of... «BRIGHT! MAY! YOURS!»-2019

For the first time in Sochi from the 29th of April to the 3rd of May the fourth International cultural and health festival of Cheerleading «Bright! May! Yours!» took place. The area for the Event was Olympic park Iceberg Palace.

The manager of the Festival is public sports organization «Cheerleading Federation of the South of Russia». The main aim is distribution of health style of life, popularization of cheerleading as a sport and unity of sportsmen within the Competition.

In 2019 more than 2500 sportsmen, their parents and fans visited the Festival. There were members of 26 regions of Russia, and six countries of near and far abroad (Korean Republic, China, Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan).

Within the Festival extensive competition program had place. There were both traditional and new competitions. International «Stunt-fest» and «Double-fest» among children, youth and student cheer teams.

Within the Festival there were competitions between student and professional teams. They were attended by «Paradox» (Volgograd) — VSUACE; «Haski» (Tambov) and «Kodex» (Tambov)  — Tambov state technical University; team of Kozma Minin Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University (Nizhny Novgorod); CheerUnity (Krasnodar) — KSU of physical culture, sports and tourism; «Komilfo» (Rostov-on-Don) — South-Russian Institute of management (a branch of RANEPA).

In 2019 program there were competitions among family teams, because «Bright! May! Yours!» is a festival where everybody could feel a cheerleader! Among family teams the first place was taken by the team «Happy Fortes» (Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk region), the second — by «Exclusive» (Volgograd), the third — by «Strakhovs» (Saint-Petersburg). The winners visited a sightseeing tour of Krasnaya Polyana.

Also there was competition between combined teams of counsellors of children health camps. In this competition the second place was taken by the team «Istok» (combined team of all-Russian children’s center «Ocean», Vladivostok), the winner was «ART FIRE» (combined team of ICC «Artek», Crimea).

The Festival «Bright! May! Yours!» unites and gives opportunity to develop! So within it there were teams in which children with mental disorders were. Competitions were held according to the program of The special Olympic games. (This movement exists more than 50 years and changes lifes of people with mental disorders for the better. Within The special Olympic games competitions for persons with disabilities held in many sports includes cheerleading. Recently within World Games Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi for the first time demonstration competitions in cheer sport were held. And combined team of Russia captured all hearts by its performance.) Teams from Smolensk, Taganrog, Vladimir showed their skills in cheer sport. Team “Cheering heart” is a champion in discipline «cheer jazz group». Sportsmen «SLESH» (Taganrog) took the second place in discipline «cheer group coed». And the winner was a team «Cheer 67» (Smolensk). All of the participants got special certificate for the involvement in project «Be brighter –live in cheer!» in all-Russian children’s center «Ocean»!

Every participant of the festival got the medal «BRIGHT! MAY! YOURS!». Winners and prize-winners got the diplomas and original cup. But the main awards for the sportsmen were trip tickets to ICC «Artek», ACC «Smena», and ACC «Ocean» for the involvement in project «Be brighter –live in cheer!». This project allow children not only to be in the best All-Russian and International centers, but also to develop their skills under the guidance of professional coaches. Besides several teams became owners of trip tickets for training camps in Sports complex «Romashka». This complex is new and it works full year. It has developed infrastructure. There are a pool, a game sports complex, martial arts hall, fitness room, climbing wall and sports and choreographic studio. Sports facilities are included in the register of the Ministry of sports.

Within the Festival there were not only competitions, but also rich cultural program. «Bright! May! Yours!» is an event during which every participant reveals all the facets of its capabilities – from sport to art and intelligence.

Master classes in cheer sport for participants were hold by famous sportsmen Andrey Simakov and Dmitry Zagrebin, Yan Yankovskiy and Maria Sokolova. Choreography classes were hold by participant of show « Dancing on TNT» Kate Sulimenko.

Art meetings with children were conducted by actors of theatre and cinema Jaroslav Zhalnin, Ivan Kokorin, Paul Sborshchikov, Egor Salnikov, Aristarch Venes. Also there was a music group «Intonation» (authors of hymn «Bright! May! Yours!» ).

For the first time within cultural and entertainment program of the festival there was the funniest game of the world  — CFR (club of fun and resourceful)! There were six teams in «Cheer League CFR»(juniors and seniors). Among seniors the best team was the team from Ivanovo. They were awarded a cash prize. Among juniors the team from Samara was a winner. They got trip tickets to ACC «Ocean». The experience of the humorous event was successful so «Cheer League CFR» will continue to exist within the festival.

International cultural and health festival of Cheerleading «Bright! May! Yours!»  is always bright feelings, warm may meetings and only victory!


Link to photo/video: https://yadi.sk/d/G316QRgIfhwt6w

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