The first teams have already started arriving
A small report from the venue) The arrangement of the festival site continues, and it becomes more beautiful and beautiful. Volunteers put a scene and a tent and hang our bright-may banners! And the first teams have already begun to arrive! Welcome! Cheerleaders, go ahead!) #ЯркиеМайскиеТвои #АнапаВитязево #Cheerleading #Медиа_в_деле#чирлидинг#РССС #ВолонтерыРССС Read more
Preparation of the place of the Festival-2018 has begun !!!
Dear friends, hello !!! And here are the first news and photos from the place of events of the hottest and most attractive event of this spring – the big International Festival #BrightMayYours !!! Our organizers have arrived in the village of Vityazevo (Anapa) with a full staff, and while... Read more
Dear participants, after arrival, please register!
Attention!!! Dear participants of the competition, do not forget to check-in on arrival! This is an important condition for the presence and performance at the Festival! Registration of participants begins at 9:30 under the tent. Ask our volunteers, they will help you navigate the territory of the cheer-village! Happy... Read more
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Cheerleading May Party № 3 —April 29, 2017
Festival Opening and much, much more, what has happened on April 29, you can see in our daily report BRIGHT! MAY! YOURS! #BrightMayYours #RSSU #VolunteersRSSU #AnapaVityazevo #Cheerleading #SportLife Read more
Bright! May! Yours! — Discovery-discipline Chir
Bright! May! Yours! — Cheerleading May Party № 2
Video diary “Bright! May! Yours” № 1
The Federation Mascot, organizers and volunteers greet you!!!
Volunteers of the RSSU are already preparing for the meeting of the participants of the sport events “Bright! May! Yours!” The rehearsal of the festival opening and preparation for the meeting of the teams are going on. The first teams of participants arrived at # Bright # May #... Read more

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