Competition of chants “Louder! Better! Cheerful!”
While the adult cheerleaders were enlightened in the sphere of organizing events, Karina Sepova – our energizer – held a noisy and bright competition of chants “Louder! Better! Cheerful! “. After all, this is what ensures the necessary energy at the All-Russian Cultural and Wellness Festival “Bright! May! Yours!... Read more
The appeal of the team “High Sky” from the city of Korenovsk
We are incredibly pleased to hear / see such feedback from the participants about the All-Russian Cultural and Wellness Festival “Bright! May! Yours! “Thanks to team “High Sky” from Korenovsk for the warmth, kindness, sincere emotions and excellent performance! Have a nice way back, cheerleaders! #BrightMayYours #RSSU #VolunteersRSSU #AnapaVityazevo... Read more
Brainstorming from Roman Olkhovsky
Roman Mihailovich Olkhovsky shared his secrets and his organizational experience with the children today. The role-playing game “Sporting event of my dream”, organized by him, helped participants to try on the role of the organizer and manager of competitions. This was a very useful exercise, which led the athletes... Read more
The whole sports family – together!
With the help of the All-Russian Cultural and Wellness Festival “Bright! May! Yours! ” the whole sports family can be together. And not only on vacation, but also in cheerleading competitions! Today there were competitions between cheer-moms! These young ladies who brought up the young winners, now themselves took... Read more
Master class in sports ballroom dancing for young cheerleaders
To achieve high results in cheerleading, you need a set of skills: the skill of proper breathing, a sense of rhythm and, of course, skills in dancing . The multiple champion of the All-Russia and International competitions in sports ballroom dancing, Tarasova Kristina, conducted a master class for young... Read more
The best moments of the 1st of May – Video report
#BrightMayYours Read more
May 1 at the Festival
#Media_in Read more
Fly high as cheerleaders in the discipline “Cheer Coed”!
Teams from Rostov-on-Don “Grand” and “Storms” from Simferopol made their halls literally explode with applause! Incredible stunts, hard high pyramids, cool acrobatics could not leave indifferent any fan.It’s a secret to say that the judges were also in admiration! The guys showed an incredible level of preparation and a... Read more
1st competition day is over – the awards are presented, judges summed up
The competition day is over – the awards are presented, the judges summed up the results And finally you can not hide your emotions and satisfaction from beautiful performances and high level of athletes training! Very soon will begin surprises: a meeting with Roman Mikhailovich Olkhovsky, a master class... Read more
Five life hacking for the cheerleader from Pavel Pukhov!
In  the picture – Pavel Pukhov – Multiple champion of Russia, Europe, Asia and the World in the discipline “Coed Group Stunt”. Multiple champion of Russia, Europe and Asia in the discipline of “Coed Partner Stunt”. Remember, write down and use in practice. 💪 #BrightMayYours #RSSU #VolunteersRSSU #AnapaVityazevo #Cheerleading #Media_in... Read more
The first award of today was held!
The first award of today was held! The winning teams from the general education institutions of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation received well-deserved awards: the title of Champions, special medals, cups, pennants with the emblem of the All-Russian Cultural and Wellness Festival “Bright! May! Yours! “And trips... Read more
Cheerleading May Party № 3 —April 29, 2017
Festival Opening and much, much more, what has happened on April 29, you can see in our daily report BRIGHT! MAY! YOURS! #BrightMayYours #RSSU #VolunteersRSSU #AnapaVityazevo #Cheerleading #SportLife Read more
Cheerleading May Party № 2 – 2017
Cheerleading May Party № 2 – 2017. Greetings to participants! 🎉 Read more
Cheerleading May Party № 1 — 2017
Video report of the very first day of preparatoration the festival “Bright! May! Yours! ” is ready Follow the news! #BrightMayYours #RSSU #VolunteersRSSU #AnapaVityazevo #Cheerleading #Media_in #SportLife Read more

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