Bright! May! Yours! – 2019
Dear colleagues! We are glad to invite you and your teams to the international festival «Bright! May! Yours!» which will be held in Russia in the city Sochi, Ap­ril 29 — May 3, 2019. Organizers of the festival are ready to discuss all possib­le moments of your participation in... Read more
Video-diary-10 — 04.05.18 – The last day of the festival Bright! May! Yours!
Video competitions on May 4 – the last day of the International Festival «Bright! May! Yours! «Let’s watch! #BrightMayYours #Cheerleading Read more
Video-diary-9 | 03.05.18 – International Festival BRIGHT, MAY! YOURS!
Friends! Video of the 3rd day of the International Festival «BRIGHT! MAY! YOURS! How was everything on May 3? Lets watch! #BrightMayYours #Cheerleading Read more
Today is the final day of the Festival!
International festival Bright! May! Yours! continues! Today, on May 4, new competitions are taking place! All the photos of today’s day are in the album: #BrightMayYours Read more
Competitions in cheerleading and cheer sport among teams of parents and fans!
At our festival # BrightMayYours is competing not only cheerleaders, but also their parents and fans! Look, what a wonderful support our athletes have! Cheer-family! Cheer-friendship! Cheer-world! #BrightMayYours Read more
The final protocol «Bring it on the South of Russia»!
FINAL PROTOCOL «BRING IT ON SOUTHERN RUSSIA»! 02-03 May, International Festival Bright! May! Yours! Final Protocol-03-May #BrightMayYours Read more
ATTENTION!!! Dear cheerleaders! SCHEDULE May 4! РЕГЛАМЕНТ-04-мая #BrightMayYours Read more
Video-diary-8 — 02.05.2018 — Bright! May! Yours!
Dear participants, Video Diary of the 2nd day of the International Festival “Bright! May! Yours!” is ready for you !!! May 2! #BrightMayYours #Cheerleading Read more
Results of the competition of May 2
FINAL PROTOCOL of May 2 – Competitions among school club teams. Итоговый-02-ШЛ Read more
Video-diary-7: May 1 – the 1st competition day of the International Festival Bright! May! Yours!
Friends, and here is the Video Diary of the first competitive day of the International Festival “Bright! May! Yours!” !!! A real feast of Peace, of Labor, and May! And, of course, CHEER! First of May! The first competition of the Festival! We look, we enjoy, we repost! #BrightMayYours... Read more
Final protocol on April 30, 2018
Dear participants, we publish the results of the All-Russian competitions on cheerleading and cheer sport. The final protocol on April 30, 2018: Итоговый протокол-30.04 Read more
Video Diary-6 – Day 3 of the All-Russian Competitions
Dear friends, a video diary of yesterday’s competitions is ready for you! So, the 3rd day of the All-Russian competitions within the framework of the International festival “Bright! May! Yours! “!!! Enjoy watching!   #BrightMayYours #Cheerleading Read more
Attention! Schedule for May 1!
Dear coaches and athletes !!!!! Tomorrow is a very difficult and busy competition day !! Please note that the awarding ceremony will take place on the main stage !! РЕГЛАМЕНТ-1 мая РЕГЛАМЕНТ-01-разминка Read more
Attention, you need to pick up diplomas for participation!
Attention!!! Dear coaches, who did not take the diplomas for participation, please come to the account commission for them! (At the reception in the sports complex).     Read more
The final protocol of the 2nd day of the All-Russian competitions!
The second day of the All-Russian competitions in cheerleading and cheer sports has finished. We publish its results — the final protocol -29.04 : итоговый протокол-29.04 Photos:   Read more

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