Today is the final day of the Festival!
International festival Bright! May! Yours! continues! Today, on May 4, new competitions are taking place! All the photos of today’s day are in the album: #BrightMayYours Read more
Competitions in cheerleading and cheer sport among teams of parents and fans!
At our festival # BrightMayYours is competing not only cheerleaders, but also their parents and fans! Look, what a wonderful support our athletes have! Cheer-family! Cheer-friendship! Cheer-world! #BrightMayYours Read more
The final protocol «Bring it on the South of Russia»!
FINAL PROTOCOL «BRING IT ON SOUTHERN RUSSIA»! 02-03 May, International Festival Bright! May! Yours! Final Protocol-03-May #BrightMayYours Read more
Cultural program May 4
Friends, two very interesting master classes will be held on May 4 at the International Festival Bright! May! Yours! 11:00 – Master class with Pavel Pukhov 14:00 – Master class with Alexey Dudchenko Sport events will be held in the training hall. #BrightMayYours Read more
ATTENTION!!! Dear cheerleaders! SCHEDULE May 4! РЕГЛАМЕНТ-04-мая #BrightMayYours Read more
Closing Ceremony of the International Festival Bright! May! Yours!
On the Main Stage is the closing ceremony of the International Festival Bright! May! Yours! But do not forget that we are waiting for another competitive day! Cheerleaders, go ahead !!! #BrightMayYours Read more
No single day without sport!
Today in the conference hall there was another meeting of the guys with the Human of the Planet – Sergey Burlakov. Sergey is a unique person, his name is included in the Guinness Book of Records: he proved to the whole planet that nothing is impossible, even if there... Read more
Bring it on the South of Russia!
International festival Bright! May! Yours! continues! Competitions “Bring it on the South of Russia!” are held on May 2-3. Dear participants, all today’s photos are in the album: #BrightMayYours Read more
Jan Yankovsky and Maria Sokolova from Belarus!
In the area of street warm-up again pleased our cheerleaders with an energetic master class with Jan Jankowski and Maria Sokolova from Belarus! By the way, Jan and Maria created the first brand of Belarusian clothes and accessories for cheerleaders and dancers UP! They hold seminars and master classes,... Read more
Artistic lessons with Aristarchus Venes!
And again – the master class “Artistic Lessons” for our cheerleaders with the actor of theater and cinema and the DJ of our festival Aristarkhus Venes! #BrightMayYours Read more
Talismans teams battle!
The sports festival continues !!! Cheerleaders compete, training continues in the warm-up zone, awards are given on the main stage. And during the break between the competitions there was another exciting event of our International Festival # BrightMayYours – Talismans teams battle!!! It was held by our VIP-guest Roman... Read more
Video-diary-8 — 02.05.2018 — Bright! May! Yours!
Dear participants, Video Diary of the 2nd day of the International Festival “Bright! May! Yours!” is ready for you !!! May 2! #BrightMayYours #Cheerleading Read more
Cultural program on May 3
Do not miss the brightest events! Today: 09:00-19:00 – awarding the winners of the Championship “Bring it on the South of Russia” – Main Stage 11:30 — Creative meeting with actor Aristarchus Venes – fan zone 14:30 – Master class with Yankovsky Yan and Sokolova Maria – Zone of... Read more
Results of the competition of May 2
FINAL PROTOCOL of May 2 – Competitions among school club teams. Итоговый-02-ШЛ Read more
Attention! Schedule and program for May 3!
Dear coaches !!!! Check the schedule for tomorrow, and if necessary, contact for changes. РЕГЛАМЕНТ-03-мая РЕГЛАМЕНТ-03-разминка   Read more

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