The final protocol of the 2nd day of the All-Russian competitions!
The second day of the All-Russian competitions in cheerleading and cheer sports has finished. We publish its results — the final protocol -29.04 : итоговый протокол-29.04 Photos:   Read more
Bright! May! Yours! — Video-diary-3 — The First Competitive Day
Here is the video diary of yesterday day (April 28): the 1st day of the Festival! International Festival “Bright! May! Yours! “- 2018/ All-Russian competitions in cheerleading and cheer sport — 1 day. #BrightMayYours #Cheerleading Read more
Conference for team captains
At 16:00 the conference for captains of the teams with the President of the RCF Eugene Shurmanov began. #BrightMayYours Read more
Only actions can lead you to the result!
And again, a master class from Simakov Andrey and Dmitry Zagrebin, this time for juniors and adults! «Having valuable knowledge, you must share them, distribute and be always positive» and «Only actions can lead you to the result» – these are the mottos from the founders of Cheer-Brenda ForCheer,... Read more
Conference for cheerleading coaches
At 12:00 the Conference for the team coaches in cheerleading under the leadership of the President of the RCF E.G. Shurmanov started. The main problems of the regional branches of the Federation and ways to solve them were discussed. Read more
Master class CHEER-FREESTYLE from the inimitable Olga Del!
And here is the master class in the discipline CHEER-FREESTYLE from the inimitable Olga Del !!! Olga – CMS in rhythmic gymnastics and CMS in cheerleading, coach-methodologist of the RCF in the direction of «cheer-freestyle», and the team under her leadership was between top 10 of the strongest teams... Read more
Become a star! The festival is gaining momentum!
The festival is gaining momentum! This morning the entertainment program «Become a star» was held on the main stage of the Festival for young cheerleaders. Our little stars were very active!) #BrightMayYours Read more
Final protocols of April 28, 2018
Dear athletes, coaches, parents and everyone who likes cheerleading, you can see the summary reports of the first competitive day of the International Festival «Bright! May! Yours! « Congratulations to the winners and wish good luck and victories to each participant in the future! Final protocols-April 28 Итоговые протоколы-28апреля Read more
The festival is open!
We have been waiting for this moment for so long, and finally it has come! April 28, 2018 in the village of Vityazevo (Anapa), the opening ceremony of the International Festival Bright! May! Yours! was held. The most anticipated, brightest, most sporting event of this spring was given official... Read more
International festival Bright! May! Your! started in Anapa!
The best cheerleaders from different countries gathered on the Black Sea coast. Already become traditional, the festival this year welcomed about 3,000 participants. Schoolchildren will compete in strength and flexibility, dance expressive elements, gymnastics and acrobatics. #BrightMayYours   Read more
Video diary 2 – One day before the start
Friends, and here are the videos of the best moments of yesterdays day and evening! Enjoy watching! #BrightMayYours #Cheerleading Read more
Master class by Jan Yankovsky and Maria Sokolova
The competition continues, and the cultural program goes on its way, without stopping even for a minute! «Only here and now!» – this is the motto for the life of Jan Jankowski and Maria Sokolova, Belarusian cheerleaders, participants of the competitions and at the same time VIP guests of... Read more
Today is the first day of the All-Russian competitions in cheerleading and cheer sports!
Today is the first day of the All-Russian competitions in cheerleading and cheer sport! And the first photos of the morning competitions (doubles) are ready! Attention, the album will be replenished, our photographers do not stop their work!) All photos: Read more
The first competition day has begun!
At 9-00 Moscow time, All-Russian competitions in cheerleading and cheer sport began, which will be held for three days as part of the International Festival «Bright! May! Yours!». The judges are ready, the participants too, the tribunes are full of spectators and fans! Photos: Photos near the banners: Read more
Creative meeting with the group «Intonation»
At the main stage there was a creative meeting with the group «Intonation». With us – positive romance from Moscow, the winners of the Golden Gramophone Award and the authors of the soundtrack to the TV-series «Molodezhka»! Participants could talk with Denis Gladkiy and Alexander Novikov, listen to their... Read more

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